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anjana ghonasgi

Director | Performing Artist


ABOUT Anjana

Anjana Ghonasgi is a dynamic performing artist and director who believes that creativity is the key to unlocking human potential. Her unique approach to performance art can be seen in her Mudratutting style, which she introduced in 2017. Anjana has already achieved a great deal in her career, including a solo performance with A R Rahman at the iconic MetLife Stadium. Her latest dance film, (UN)SEEN, showcases her incredible talent as a director and her ability to tell compelling stories through movement and imagery.

Anjana's goal is to continue telling stories through her work, including conceptual music videos, short films, and live performance shows. Her personal brand is all about exploring creativity in motion and emotion, and she is always pushing herself to new heights in pursuit of this goal. Despite her many accomplishments, Anjana remains grounded and approachable, with a quirky sense of humor that endears her to all who know her. Anjana loves chocolates but has a curious aversion to chocolate ice cream.


Vidula Bhave, Founder - Kaleidoculture Magazine

Working with Anjana means you can execute your project without any hassles. She's always on point with her work, extremely efficient and resourceful, and sees it through till the end, ensuring until the last minute that we keep innovating, creatively pushing ourselves, and bringing the highest quality outcome no matter the circumstances. Kaleidoculture Magazine and I are very lucky to have had her on board as the creative director and co-curator for our edition and events.

“I believe in the journey towards oneself to explore creativity in motion & emotion”. - Anjana


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Awards & Recognition

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Mumbai, India

Tel: +91 98337 85730

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